Artists Not Well-Known For Their Gospel Music Influence

Artists Not Well-Known For Their Gospel Music Influence

Gospel music’s influence has extended far beyond the genre itself, and its influence can be heard in many recordings from Bob Dylan to James Brown to Aretha Franklin. You may surprise that some of gospel’s best songs came from artists of various genres, including rock and rhythm and blues.  Who has made a lasting impression on gospel music that you wouldn’t think of right off the bat? Especially the style of  Gospel played on more soulful sites across the web. 


Elvis Presley


Most people recognize Elvis Presley as the King of Rock ‘n Roll, but he’s also regarded as one of the gospel’s most influential artists. He won a Grammy for his “He Touched Me” version. For other artists who toured with Elvis, many say the King loved gospel music and saw it as a refuge from the idolatry he was subjected to. More on the History of Gospel is expounded upon read more here.


Kirk Franklin


Kirk Franklin has combined gospel with hip-hop, which has generated its own controversy. However, he has become one of the best gospel artists, selling over 13 million albums and winning 12 Grammys. He’s led many urban gospel choirs around the country, including God’s Property and The Family.  He’s an example of how gospel music is changing in the 21st century.


Andraé Crouch


As you continue to read about Southern and Black Gospel online here, you’ll gain more insight into Gospel’s history. Andraé Crouch quickly became known as the “Father of Contemporary Gospel,” and he came up with the choral work for artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson. Crouch is regarded as the best gospel singer of his time, but his success wasn’t realized until his work on The Lion King soundtrack.  Crouch said his gospel singing allowed him to overcome his childhood stammering.